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The video download is accessed through FlickRocket’s Flux Player which needs to be installed (downloaded) on your computer or device. The Flux Player manages the video download, it’s viewing, and is required to enjoy your purchase. Please follow the instructions below.


  1. Click TO ORDER (above), to purchase the downloadable video, Richard Schmid Paints Michelle Dunaway.
  2. During your purchase you will be asked to create a user login.(An email address and a password).
  3. Once you have completed your purchase, you will be shown a page where you can download the Flux Player for your type of computer or device.
  4. After installing the Flux Player, close your browser, (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc).
  5. Open the Flux Player and sign-in with the email and password used during purchase. (If you are unable to find the Flux Player, we have included instructions below, Where is the Flux Player?)
  6. TO VIEW the video download, just double click the title or image in your Flux Player.
  7. DOWNLOAD TIME. Depending on your internet speed, time of day, and many other factors your download time can take from 10 minutes to 7 hours (in rare occasions more). In Scott Burdick’s “HOW TO DOWNLOAD” video (located below), Scott has a slower internet speed, and his download time took six hours.

If you need more help,
Scott Burdick made a "HOW TO DOWNLOAD" video just for you.


If you did not download the Flux Player after your purchase, choose the correct icon below for your computer or device, and follow the instructions.

PC (Windows)

1. Download FluxPlayer
2. Install FluxPlayer
3. Login with your email and password

After installation, FluxPlayer resides in the Windows Start Menu and you can always find it there.
You can search for FluxPlayer by clicking and holding the Windows-Key and the pressing "q" on the keyboard. Then search for "FluxPlayer".

Download Download


Use the browser on your Mac (Apple macOS 10.13 or newer) and enter the following link to install . After installing sign in.

Android tablets and phones

Use your Android device to open Google Play, install and sign in.

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Use your device (iOS 11 or newer) to open the AppStore, install and sign in.

Kindle Fire Tablets

Use your Kindle Fire to open Apps, install and sign in.


I downloaded and installed the Flux Player on my computer, but where do I find it?

Mac Users - Can find the Flux Player in the Applications folder. We also recommend that you drag the Flux Player icon to the Dock, or create an alias on the desktop for easy access and enjoyable watching.
Windows 7 - Click on the Start menu and enter Flux Player in the search field. After the Flux Player appears in the list, right-click and pin to the Taskbar or send a shortcut to the desktop.
Windows 8 - Tap the Windows logo key (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) to open the Apps screen. Locate the Flux Player and right-click to add the Flux Player to your Taskbar.
Windows 10 - Tap the Windows logo key (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) and select All Apps. Locate the Flux Player and right-click to add the Flux Player to your Taskbar.

* If you have not installed the Flux Player yet, look in the Downloads folder and then double-click to install.
Richard Schmid palette copy

Richard mixing paint on his glass palette, with Rosemary & Co. brushes, and Gamsol odorless mineral spirits in a coffee can.