RICHARD SCHMID - Where can I find more information on Richard Schmid, his artworks, books, and more videos?

We invite you to visit:
Richard Schmid’s Official Website:
and Kristen Thies at West Wind Fine Art:

SCOTT BURDICK - Where can I find information on Scott Burdick, his artworks, books, and videos?

We invite you to visit Scott Burdick’s Official Website:

ROSEMARY & CO. BRUSHES - Where can I find information on Rosemary & Co. Brushes?

We invite you to visit Rosemary’s Official Website:

Is this a “Richard Schmid Official Website”?

Yes. Richard Schmid and Scott Burdick created this website for you. Here, you are able to find good information, FAQ, and great instructions for downloading if you need it. Also, Richard and Scott wanted to make sure you have a highly skilled Technical Support Team who are always eager to assist you and deliver professional answers to any questions or difficulties you may have. Richard and Scott chose FlickRocket (their downloading host) because of their security, safety, and great support. If you have questions, email:


No, this video is available as a download only.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are Windows XP (SP3) or later, 1.5GHz INTEL or AMD CPU and 512 MB RAM or an Intel based MacOSX 10.7 or later. Do you support Apple Mac OS X? Apple Mac OS X 10.7 or higher can be used for accessing the video download.

Do you support Linux?


Why do I need to specify an email and password when I buy?

You can use the email and password to login to “My Account” and the player. This allows you to access and manage the video download that you have purchased.

Can I access the video download as often and as long as I want?

Yes. You can access the video download as often as you want on your computer or device that you downloaded it to.

Can I access the video download on my portable device?

Yes, the video download can be accessed on Apple iOS (at least version 9) and Android (at least version 2.3) devices.

Can I burn a Video-DVD?

No. This license does not permit you to burn a Video-DVD.

Can I use the video download on multiple computers and other devices?

You (the license holder), can download and view, on up to two of your computers or devices that you own, for the life-time of that computer or devise.

Do I need an internet connection?

An internet connection is only required when first downloading the video. If your internet connection is fast enough, you will be able to play the video while it is downloading. However, for the best viewing experience, downloading before playback is recommended. Once the video is fully downloaded, you can play the video download at anytime.

Do I need to download the entire video before I can use it?

No. Provided your internet connection speed is sufficient, you can begin playing the video download after a few seconds. If you experience the video stopping or not displaying as expected, your connection may be too slow and the memory buffers are being emptied faster than being filled. In that case, the best viewing experience would be after the video has fully downloaded.

How do I know if the video is fully downloaded?

A small cloud icon next to the title indicates that the video needs to be downloaded. A small downward arrow indicates that the download has not been completed. No icons are shown in that location when the video is fully downloaded.

DOWNLOAD TIME. How long does the download process take?

Depending on your internet speed, time of day, and many other factors your download time can take from 10 minutes to 7 hours (in rare occasions more). In Scott Burdicks “HOW TO DOWNLOAD” video (located on the INSTRUCTIONS page), Scott has a slower internet speed, and his download time took six hours.

My internet connection is slow and sometimes disconnects. Is this a problem?

No. Disconnects are handled automatically and loading the missing data is tried again. If your download is suspended for any reason, just double-click the title or select Resume Download.

FluxPlayer - Do you require software to be installed on my device to access the video download?

Yes, in order to handle the video, enable a smooth download, and to play properly, the purchase process will automatically guide you through the software (the FluxPlayer) installation process. The software is signed for security and constantly checked against viruses and other malicious software.

FluxPlayer - Why do I have to use the FluxPlayer?

There are many benefits of using the FluxPlayer including consistent download and playback across all supported platforms. The video is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected with the FluxPlayer. This means that the downloaded file can only be played on the FluxPlayer and can't be stolen by someone to play on another video player. We have great customers, however there are some that would choose to obtain this video and sell it through illegal channels. Without such control, piracy would make it impossible to spend all the time, effort, and money to create these video lessons and share them with the world.

FluxPlayer - What computers or devices can I use to play the video download?

The FluxPlayer is a free download for Mac, Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iTouch), Android, Kindle Fire, Chrome OS, and depending upon the content, Samsung SmartTV.

FluxPlayer - How do I access the video download?

The video download can only be viewed through the FluxPlayer. You can download the FluxPlayer for your computer or device at Once you have downloaded and installed the player, open the player and sign-in with the same email and password used during purchase. The video will appear in the player and you can double-click to begin download and playback. Returning Customers: Open the FluxPlayer and make certain you are signed-in with the email and password used during purchase. The video will appear in your FluxPlayer. Double-click the title or image to begin download and playback.

FluxPlayer - I downloaded and installed the FluxPlayer on my computer, but where do I find it?

Mac users can find the FluxPlayer in the Applications folder. You can drag the FluxPlayer icon to the Dock to make it easier to access.
Windows 7 - Click on the Start menu and enter FluxPlayer in the search field. After the FluxPlayer appears in the list, right-click and pin to the taskbar or send a shortcut to the desktop.
Windows 8 - Tap the Windows logo key (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) to open the Apps screen. Locate the FluxPlayer and right-click to add the FluxPlayer to your Taskbar.
Windows 10 - Tap the Windows logo key (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) and select All Apps. Locate the FluxPlayer and right-click to add the Flux Player to your Taskbar.

Can I view my video download on a TV?

If you have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay with the FluxPlayer to display the content (video) on your TV. Otherwise, standard connections such as HDMI can be used between your computer and your television. Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Do I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes. Once the purchase completes you will receive an email with the invoice.

How will this show up on my credit card bill?

This will show up on your credit card bill as indicated during the purchase process.

SUPPORT - Is there a “HOW TO” video — to help me with the process of downloading the FluxPlayer and the video content?

Yes, Scott Burdick created a “HOW TO” video just for you. You can find this “HOW TO” video on our instruction page. Just click INSTRUCTIONS in the navigation bar (top of this page) and you will find it.

SUPPORT — How can I get technical help?

There are several ways to request support, but making the request directly from within the player will help our team resolve your problem as quickly as possible. To submit a request, open the FluxPlayer, select Help from the menu, and then choose Contact support. There will be an area for you to enter a detailed description of the problem. Make certain the checkbox/switch is enabled to allow support related information to be sent and click Send. CONTACT US—You can also contact us via the support link in your purchase receipt or email us directly at: