A Film by Scott Burdick

“Great video! Highly recommended.”
Veli-Antti Rautiola
“Worth every penny.
A masterful insight onto the methods and process of a living master :) ”
Kai Lun Qu
“It’s absolutely a fantastic video and a must for all artists!!!
This video of Richard Schmid painting Michelle Dunaway is a must for all artists regardless of their experience level. It’s a private lesson with a Master! Richard guides you expertly thru each brushstroke explaining his technique, showing brush movement, color mixing and the importance of planning. These are pearls of wisdom that can be viewed over and over. Thank you Richard for sharing!”
Cathy Barry
“I've watched the video 3 times! Dare I say I have the dialogue memorized? Michelle, you are a true beauty inside and out. Thank you for your contribution to this work of love. Congratulations to Scott Burdick for an amazing job at filming, editing and everything else involved in the making of this video! Lastly, Mr. Schmid your detailed description of your work is beyond valuable and the inspiration cannot be put into words. I thank you all for this wonderful peek into a master's portrait painting! I am humbled and inspired! Thank you all so much for sharing!”
Brenda Blue
“I am so glad I got this video. It is inspiring as well as educational. Thank you to all involved!
As I'm watching/listening to this (again) while I paint I have to say how much I love the smile I can hear lurking in Richard's voice, almost always. His love and enjoyment of what he does and what he knows is very plain and shines through even with never having met him. The information is beyond valuable of course but the delivery is the icing. It makes me so glad I paint. Much love to you both.”
DLee Art
“I loved every minute of it!”
Tina Garrett

“As soon as I got the notification, I ordered it. Well worth every penny, as is his book Alla Prima. Many thanks to Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick for promting this, and all the work that went into it.
Rick and Sheila Green
“I loved this video! I keep playing it again and agina because he has shared so much information in those 2 hours. Also I love that I am able to download and play it since my Mac does not have CD drive. Thank you Richard & Michelle!”
Shuchi Muley
British Columbia
“Dear Nancy, I am probably one of many to email you briefly about my experience with this download. Our currency conversion from $ to local means cost is rather high. However your brilliant husbands HD is all I ever could have wanted. So thank you both for allowing me to be immersed in art & music & the words of a master. A keeper for all time.”
Phillip Bowman
South Africa
“Hello Richard & Scott,
I've just downloaded the film of Richard painting Michelle. I want to tell you how happy I am with this film. Everything about it is excellent - the painting, the filming, and the commentary. I am absolutely delighted and very grateful. I am self-taught and rely on films for learning. I've bought many DVDs and downloads but this one is already one of my favourites and I will watch it over and over again. It's always a risk buying downloads like this - you just don't know if it will be any good. Specific things I love about this film: - close up camera work, so I can see the brush strokes clearly... something you can't learn from books - HD... so important! I recently spent $100 on a download that had poor resolution, I was very disappointed. - camera on the palette... again, so important! I once sat next to Charles Reid as he painted a watercolour still-life and spent 2 hours or so mesmerised by how he used the palette... I am just as excited to watch Richard use his palette. - absolutely superb commentary... great to hear Richard share his thinking and reflection... also great to hear Richard talk so about the "theory" (makes me want to consult his book!) and so openly about his own motivation - good* use of computer graphics to support the commentary (*not "over the top") - great sound quality... so often taken for granted... I recently bought a download where the microphone wasn't switched on until 20 minutes into the film! I see the Lavender Hill Studios sells your Alla Prima II book here in the UK... I think that's going to be my next purchase! And I'm going to have to buy a few more of Rosemary's lovely brushes. Of course, I'm writing partly in the hope that feedback like this will encourage you to make another film! ?? A still life would be great... or another portrait.
Kind regards,”
United Kingdom.
“An outstanding video with unparalleled views of Richard's palette as he chooses and mixes color and of his brushwork as he applies the paint. His thoughtful narrative gives the viewer insight into his thinking and decision making. The editing is exceptional. I have purchased a large number of videos and this one is in a league of its own.”
Maryanne Innes

“Richard should become a “Netflix Original” series”
Lauren Barlett

“I just finished watching this excellent video of Richard Schmid Artist and Author painting Michelle Dunaway.. Run time of the painting portion is over 2 hours, preceded by some set up footage. Camera work is excellent. It appeared that I was looking directly over Richard's left shoulder as he applied each brush stroke. Another camera was set up over the palette showing a clear view of paint mixing. Richard's voice over during the entire video clearly described what he was doing and why he was doing it. Several other of Richard's stunning, painterly portraits were shown throughout the video. Summary review: Excellent video and excellent value. Five Stars!”
Velda Musgrove
Painting palette knife

Richard Schmid's painting palette knife